Flaws In Forensic Science

Recent testimony by F.B.I. forensic scientists indicated that hair identification used in almost every one of the 250 cases reviewed was scientifically indefensible — indicating fatal flaws in the agencies’ forensic science.
That conclusion was no surprise to […]

Penalties for DUI in Massachusetts

Driving Drunk in Massachusetts: DUI, OUI, or DWI
Under the Massachusetts Law, the state describes the penalties “OUI” or Operating Under the Influence. Some states refer to driving drunk as DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and […]

The Pros & Cons of Lowering the Drinking Age

Proponents of lowering the minimum legal drinking (MLDA) age from 21 argue that the law has not stopped teen drinking. Instead, they feel, that it has  pushed underage binge drinking (for example at college fraternity […]

Prom Night, Drinking, and Social Host Liability

Proms and graduation from high school is a time that we all associate with both pride and frivolity. But it is also the time for parents to speak to their teenagers about the dangers of […]

Are the Kids Having a House Party?

What is social host liability as it relates to kids and teenagers? Social host liability laws cover adults who serve or provide alcohol to persons in their home including underage persons consuming alcohol. Dram shop liability refers to a drinking establishment’s potential liability for serving alcohol to an intoxicated or underage person who later causes injury to a third party.

Whether you are thinking about having those holiday parties in your home or renting a facility is an important decision to make. Also monitoring the guests that consume alcohol. The serving of alcohol is sure to follow any holiday occasion. Exactly how much knowledge do you need to know whether to serve a guest at your party that you suspect is intoxicated. You may be held liable under a social host liability if you knowingly serve liquor to an intoxicated guest or underage guest. Although a social host is not specially trained in alcohol recognition, a social host may have some duties by not acting negligently in serving an alcohol beverage to a guest when there is a foreseeable risk of injury to another by that guest. […]