Turning Limitations into Strengths and Opportunities

Attorney Kerri Quintal was recently featured in an article on the Small Business Drivers website and in an iTunes Podcast entitled, “Turing Limitations into Strengths and Opportunities”.

Kerri discusses her thoughts on how to manage physical […]

Domestic Abuse Against Men

Incredulity or disbelief is generally the first reaction people have upon hearing about domestic abuse of men by wives, girlfriends, or gay lovers. Battered men have been the subject of jokes for decades, with almost […]

Addiction Recovery

Deciding to take one’s life back and get free of addictive drugs is a life-changing event, and may be the most critical decision an addict or family of an addict may every make. This is […]

Attorney Kerri Quintal at Annual Family Law Conference

Attorney Kerri Quintal attended the 24th Annual Family Law Conference held in Chatham, Massachusetts and sponsored by the Massachusetts Bar Association on October 17-18, 2014.

This year’s family law conference discussed topics ranging from the Alimony Reform Act, […]

Kerri Quintal on Cyber Bullying

Hear Attorney Kerri Quintal speak about Cyber Bullying on the radio.

What is Cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is what occurs using electronic technology – including cell phones, text messages, emails, online video, social media, and blogs. Some […]

7 Things Your Attorney Should Tell You

These are the top 7 items your attorney should tell you (not in order of priority) that are critically important.
1. “There may be a more effective option to solving this issue than using the courts”.
If […]

On the Radio

I’ve recently been interviewed on the radio on a number of topics that I believe are important and timely: Bullying and the Heroin Epidemic that has spread across our country. If you have a moment, […]