Rash of Overdoses In Massachusetts

Four Die of an Overdose in 24 Hours
On October 27, 2016, Massachusetts police issued a warning that an ultra-pure strain of heroin laced with the deadly synthetic fentanyl might be circulating in Attleboro, North Attleboro, […]

Opioids – the Battle Takes a New Direction

As reported in the New Boston Post, opioids are killing Massachusetts residents at an alarming rate.

Several agencies have taken the fight beyond simply arresting suspects and confiscating illicit substances, including heroin and cocaine. They are […]

Fentanyl is More Powerful than Heroin and Far Deadlier

Today, in some areas of New England, Fentanyl is killing  more people than heroin. It’s a powerful synthetic painkiller that, in the past, was laced into heroin and is now increasingly being sold on its […]

Addiction Recovery

Deciding to take one’s life back and get free of addictive drugs is a life-changing event, and may be the most critical decision an addict or family of an addict may every make. This is […]

Marijuana and Massachusetts Law

Massachusetts Marijuana Law Can be Confusing
Here’s the facts:
Ask a teenager about pot and the law in the Bay State and most will tell you, “Marijuana is basically legal in Massachusetts and no one really ever […]

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

Fighting Drugs Through Prevention
In 2011, President Obama issued the first-ever Presidential Proclamation designating October as National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. The tradition will continue in 2013, as parents, youth, schools, businesses, and community leaders across […]

Some Fight Back as Heroin Death Rate Rises

Heroin Death Rate
The death rate due to heroin and related drugs continues to rise across New England. Prescription opiates are still the leading class of drugs that are responsible for the drug death, but cheap, […]

Section 35: Tough Love for a Substance Abuser

Do you have a teenager or adult child or know of someone with a teenager or adult child who has a serious substance abuse problem and may be at risk of hurting themselves or hurting […]

Heroin Epidemic

In January of 2014, Gov. Peter Shumlin devoted his entire State of the State Message to “a full-blown heroin crisis” that has Vermont in its grips. He is the the first governor to use his message […]

President Commutes Long Sentences for 8 in Crack Cocaine Cases

Expanding his push to curtail severe penalties in drug cases, President Obama commuted the sentences of eight federal inmates. Each inmate had been imprisoned for a least 15 years, and six were sentenced to life […]

The War on Drugs Destroys Lives

According to Drug Enforcement Administration, that’s the retail price of one gram of pure cocaine from your local pusher. That amount is 74 percent cheaper than it was 30 years ago. The drop in prices […]