Juveniles Locked Up for Christmas

The hardest time of year may be the holiday season for tens of thousands of juveniles locked up in detention centers or group homes. Some youthful offenders may have a parent in prison, while others […]

Juveniles Face Barrier to Seal Criminal Record

In many cases, the consequences of a young person committing a crime doesn’t end even after they’ve paid their debt to society by doing time. A juvenile record can limit a young person’s success in […]

Marijuana and Massachusetts Law

Massachusetts Marijuana Law Can be Confusing
Here’s the facts:
Ask a teenager about pot and the law in the Bay State and most will tell you, “Marijuana is basically legal in Massachusetts and no one really ever […]

Disciplining Children And Child Abuse

Does physically discipling children improve their behavior in the long run or actually make it worse?

NFL Star Charged with Child Abuse
Recently, NFL star Adrian Peterson was indicted for child abuse and placed on the inactive […]

Kerri Quintal Talks about Section 35 on WBZ Radio

A Heroin – Prescription Epidemic With Consequences
Attorney Kerri Quintal was recently interviewed by Mary Blake, an award-winning reporter and anchor for Boston’s CBS WBZ radio 1030 about Section 35. It was part of the 5-part series, “Heroin: […]

Telling Clients Upfront What to Tell Attorneys

Be bold and brave and set your clients up for the best outcome possible from the get-go by telling clients upfront what to tell attorneys. Discuss the tough issue right up front: the need for […]

The Pros & Cons of Lowering the Drinking Age

Proponents of lowering the minimum legal drinking (MLDA) age from 21 argue that the law has not stopped teen drinking. Instead, they feel, that it has  pushed underage binge drinking (for example at college fraternity […]

Section 35: Tough Love for a Substance Abuser

Do you have a teenager or adult child or know of someone with a teenager or adult child who has a serious substance abuse problem and may be at risk of hurting themselves or hurting […]


Juvenile Jurisdiction Helps Save At Risk Youth
Governor Deval Patrick signed legislation on September 18, 2014 raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction from 17 to 18. Many believe that this will open up more opportunities for […]

Online Safety and Identifiable Personal Information

Online Safety
The internet has become a great source of information – but what about online safety? This information is being viewed by the whole world. You will be amazed at the information that may be found. Pictures can tell a thousand words. Be careful about posting photos that may tell the viewer a great deal more than you hoped for. Photos should be monitored and should just reflect the image that is being shared. Watched for identifiable information within and around the picture.

An example may include a high school photo of a group may tell the viewer the city, the state, the approximate age, and the year the person attended that school. From there it may be implied by logical deduction that if the photo was taken the senior year, the person may be approximately 18 and now some five years later, would be approximately 23. The photo also reveals the person may still lives in that particular city or town. Viewers may do online searches to uncover more information. […]

Prom Night, Drinking, and Social Host Liability

Proms and graduation from high school is a time that we all associate with both pride and frivolity. But it is also the time for parents to speak to their teenagers about the dangers of […]

7 Things Your Attorney Should Tell You

These are the top 7 items your attorney should tell you (not in order of priority) that are critically important.
1. “There may be a more effective option to solving this issue than using the courts”.
If […]

Section 35: Tough Love for a Substance Abuser

Do you have a teenager or adult child or know of someone with a teenager or adult child who has a serious substance abuse problem and my be at risk of hurting themselves or hurting […]

Kerri Quintal Talks About Bullying

Attorney Kerri Quintal talks about bullying on radio station WOMR.

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children (and others – such as football players) that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is […]

Online Safety – Posting Photos

Consider Online Safety – the Web is a great source of information, but it’s important to remember that anything you post is visible to the good people of the world…and the bad ones as well. […]

Create Your Own Army & Stand Up to Bullying!

School bullying can threaten students’ physical and emotional safety and can negatively impact their self-esteem, feeling of safety, and ability to learn. The best way to deal with bullying is to Stop It Before It […]