Divorce Law


A Driven Divorce Attorney

Attorney Kerri Quintal understands that you want to reach a fair resolution quickly and efficiently, one that is mutually beneficial and equitable for the children, your finances and property. Your divorce doesn’t have to be financially crushing or emotionally devastating.

Helping People Build New Beginnings

Attorney Quintal has over 15 years experience working in Attleboro, Bristol and Norfolk county divorce courts helping clients build a new beginning.

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Shares Divorce Knowledge with You

Divorce will affect your life, and the lives of your children, far into the future. Kerri Quintal understands that you want to be both well-informed and confident through the entire process. She might suggest other professional support, and if needed, refer a trusted accountants, financial planner or therapist who will be sensitive to  your divorce-related concerns.

 Presents Information & Resources

She works to educate clients about the law (statutes, case law and guides) so they can make better decisions. In addition, I offer a special “Packet for Divorce”, which includes:

  • Comprehensive Confidential Questionnaire
  • A Probate/Family Court financial statement
  • Department of Revenue Application
  • Standing Order of Parent Education Program

Effective Negotiation and Litigation

Kerri Quintal  helps her clients resolve divorce issues through effective negotiation and achieve resolution to a stressful and emotional experience. However, when appropriate, she will pursue zealous litigation to achieve your goals and work through complex issues including the division of property, co-parenting arrangements, and financial issues involving child support or alimony responsibilities.


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