Autism and the Law – Points for Prosecutors

Individuals with Autism often display many of the behaviors that are commonly mistake them for:

Someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Someone acting “suspiciously”
Someone who is being evasive or deceitful.

As a result, individuals with Autism […]

If You Suspect Your Child Has Autism

Autism Speaks is the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and a cure for autism. They are working to raise awareness of early signs of Autism […]

Kerri Quintal Speaks About Autism On the Radio

Tune in to the Patricia Raskin show – 630AM and 99.7FM on October 10th at 4:00pm EST – and listen and participate as Patricia interviews Kerri Quintal a criminal, family, and juvenile law attorney in Massachusetts with over 15 […]

Saving on Legal Fees

Legal fees for an attorney can be expensive, but there are several simple things you can do to help save money. Most important item is choosing the right attorney and doing a bit of research […]

Divorce Property Division and Disability Benefits

Along with alimony and child custody, property division and any associated disability benefits is a major issue in a divorce.  Depending on certain conditions, disability benefits may be a separate property or marital property in […]

Juvenile Autism and Crime

Today, approximately 130,000 youth reside in juvenile detention and correctional facilities across the nation. Studies indicate that 65 to 70 percent of these youth have a diagnosable mental health or developmental disorder. According to the […]

Children with Educational Disabilities

In 1975, when a federal special education law was passed to address children with special educational needs, Congress found that most children with disabilities were not receiving an appropriate education and that millions of children […]

Be Careful About Changing Your Divorce Agreement

Times may change, your situation may change, and your needs may also change – but be careful about making changes to your divorce agreement without consulting an attorney first. You may be unknowingly violating your […]

Better Science Equals Better Criminal Justice

The Pain of a Wrongful Conviction
We all suffer when we hear about a individual spending years behind bars — only later to be proven innocent. No one wants to put a person in jail for […]

Prenups to Protect Your Business

A prenup may not seem like the most romantic thing to do, just prior to tying the knot. However, it might be the right thing to do.  One should always plan for divorce, no matter […]

Batterers’ Intervention Programs

Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence affects 1 in 4 women in their lifetime –irregardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or income. One way to combat the issue is through the Batterer’s Intervention Programs.

According […]

Facts About Domestic Violence

The Most Surprising Fact about Domestic Violence: Most Incidents are Never Reported.
Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior that is used to establish power and control over another person (a man or woman) through fear and intimidation. […]

7-Signs Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or verbal abuse should not happen to anybody. Nonetheless, the problem is often excused or worse — denied. This is especially true when the abuse is psychological, rather than physical. 

Here are seven of the […]

Get Rid of Bail? It Might Just Make Sense.

Each year, over 11 million inmates are housed in county jails across the country. Many of them are there because, awaiting trial, because they could not afford to post bail. How can we reduce incarceration […]

Flaws In Forensic Science

Recent testimony by F.B.I. forensic scientists indicated that hair identification used in almost every one of the 250 cases reviewed was scientifically indefensible — indicating fatal flaws in the agencies’ forensic science.
That conclusion was no surprise to […]

Penalties for DUI in Massachusetts

Driving Drunk in Massachusetts: DUI, OUI, or DWI
Under the Massachusetts Law, the state describes the penalties “OUI” or Operating Under the Influence. Some states refer to driving drunk as DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and […]