UPDATE: Oct 11, 2015

Here’s the audio recording of Attorney Kerri Quintal discussing “Autism and the Law” on the Patricia Raskin Radio Show from Oct. 10, 2015

Tune in to the Patricia Raskin show – 630AM and 99.7FM on October 10th at 4:00pm EST – and listen and participate as Patricia interviews Kerri Quintal a criminal, family, and juvenile law attorney in Massachusetts with over 15 years experience representing children, teenagers, and adults including those with Autism, Lyme disease and Arthritis.

As a former certified nursing assistant who has performed respite care in both a medical setting and home environment, Kerri possesses a different vantage point than other attorneys without this training or experience.  She will discuss the emotional stress and financial burden that certain diseases and disabilities can exert on individuals, families, and divorced or divorcing parents and how it may effect their ability to run a household with children, hold down a full time job, or pay alimony or child support.

You can call in and ask Kerri your questions (401) 438-9776 or (800) 321-9776

Here’s some of what Kerri will be discussing.

  • What are some of the legal issues that autistic children face and why should parents bring them to you for representation.
  • What’s the initial intake session with parents and their child like?
  • How do you help the parent deal with the issues?
  • What is your session like with an autisic child?
  • How do parents react when you need to talk to their child separately?
  • How do you explain the attorney client relationship with the child?
  • What other information should the parent bring to the initial intake?
  • What if the child has not been officially diagnosed with autism?
  • How can the whole family benefit from your working with their child?

Kerri Quintal is listed as a resource for Autism Speaks for the greater Boston area.