Flaws In Forensic Science

Recent testimony by F.B.I. forensic scientists indicated that hair identification used in almost every one of the 250 cases reviewed was scientifically indefensible — indicating fatal flaws in the agencies’ forensic science.
That conclusion was no surprise to […]

Weapons Law Changes in Massachusetts

Recently, Massachusetts has made significant changes to its weapons laws. New definitions for certain weapons have been applied, and the minimum sentence for specific weapons offenses have been increased.

Massachusetts is now considered by many as one […]

Death Row: Can We Afford It?

The High Price of the Death Penalty
Some say that we should abolish the death penalty. They argue that it is immoral, does not deter murder, and affects people of color disproportionately. Others feel that it […]

Banning Solitary Confinement for Inmates 21 and Younger

Recently, New York City officials agreed  to a plan that would eliminate the use of solitary confinement for all inmates 21 and younger. This is an action that would place  Rikers Island as a national jail reformer.
Today, […]

Finding an Impartial Jury

Finding an impartial jury is a daunting task in our 24 x 7 media soaked world.

There are two major jury challenges going on right now — one in Colorado for the The Aurora theater […]

Juveniles Face Barrier to Seal Criminal Record

In many cases, the consequences of a young person committing a crime doesn’t end even after they’ve paid their debt to society by doing time. A juvenile record can limit a young person’s success in […]

Attorney Kerri Quintal at Annual Family Law Conference

Attorney Kerri Quintal attended the 24th Annual Family Law Conference held in Chatham, Massachusetts and sponsored by the Massachusetts Bar Association on October 17-18, 2014.

This year’s family law conference discussed topics ranging from the Alimony Reform Act, […]

Marijuana and Massachusetts Law

Massachusetts Marijuana Law Can be Confusing
Here’s the facts:
Ask a teenager about pot and the law in the Bay State and most will tell you, “Marijuana is basically legal in Massachusetts and no one really ever […]

Kerri Quintal Talks about Section 35 on WBZ Radio

A Heroin – Prescription Epidemic With Consequences
Attorney Kerri Quintal was recently interviewed by Mary Blake, an award-winning reporter and anchor for Boston’s CBS WBZ radio 1030 about Section 35. It was part of the 5-part series, “Heroin: […]

Catching and Avoiding Criminals On Social Media

Social media sites can be helpful aides and crime-solving tools for law enforcement officers. Today, most police departments do not have a social media unit, but detectives are beginning to use valuable tool to investigate crimes.

Here’s […]

Supreme Court Rules for Cell Phone Privacy

In a very big victory for digital privacy rights, the Supreme Court  unanimously ruled that the police need warrants to search the cellphones of the people that they’ve arrest.

The decision offers protection to over 12 million […]

Telling Clients Upfront What to Tell Attorneys

Be bold and brave and set your clients up for the best outcome possible from the get-go by telling clients upfront what to tell attorneys. Discuss the tough issue right up front: the need for […]

The Pros & Cons of Lowering the Drinking Age

Proponents of lowering the minimum legal drinking (MLDA) age from 21 argue that the law has not stopped teen drinking. Instead, they feel, that it has  pushed underage binge drinking (for example at college fraternity […]

Section 35: Tough Love for a Substance Abuser

Do you have a teenager or adult child or know of someone with a teenager or adult child who has a serious substance abuse problem and may be at risk of hurting themselves or hurting […]

Prom Night, Drinking, and Social Host Liability

Proms and graduation from high school is a time that we all associate with both pride and frivolity. But it is also the time for parents to speak to their teenagers about the dangers of […]

College for Prisoners – Seriously!

Recently, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced a plan to underwrite college for prisoners in 10 New York state prisons. He pointed out that prison inmates who received an education had a much better chance of […]