Domestic Abuse Against Men

Incredulity or disbelief is generally the first reaction people have upon hearing about domestic abuse of men by wives, girlfriends, or gay lovers. Battered men have been the subject of jokes for decades, with almost […]

Facts About Domestic Violence

The Most Surprising Fact about Domestic Violence: Most Incidents are Never Reported.
Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior that is used to establish power and control over another person (a man or woman) through fear and intimidation. […]

7-Signs Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or verbal abuse should not happen to anybody. Nonetheless, the problem is often excused or worse — denied. This is especially true when the abuse is psychological, rather than physical. 

Here are seven of the […]

Updated Domestic Violence Law for Massachusetts

Recently, I attended the MCLE Criminal Law Update 2015.  The session was  called Cutting Edge Issues in Southeastern Massachusetts Criminal Law Practice.

Legal changes that were discussed covered the new Domestic Violence Laws, which have been […]

Domestic Violence Primer

Recently, the news media has been focusing on NFL football stars who have been charged with abusing their wives or girlfriends — domestic violence. Some of the incidents that were formerly “punished” or pushed under […]