Reducing the Stigma of a Felony Conviction

The stigma associated with being an ex-felon in the United States is difficult to comprehend. Many spend their lifetime struggling to regain their personal respect, along with dignity in the communities in which they live.

Ex-felons […]

Rubin Carter – A cause for justice

Rubin (Hurricane) Carter’s boxing career was cut short when he was convicted by an all white jury of fatally shooting two white men and a white woman in a tavern in Paterson, N.J. in 1966.

Carter, […]

The War on Drugs Destroys Lives

According to Drug Enforcement Administration, that’s the retail price of one gram of pure cocaine from your local pusher. That amount is 74 percent cheaper than it was 30 years ago. The drop in prices […]

Mass Incarceration. Does this make sense?

With less than 5 percent of the world’s population, the United States has almost one-quarter of the world’s prisoners. Here are three facts about incarceration.

Mass incarceration is crushingly expensive (we spend more on prisons than […]